Stephen King has never read Jane Austen


Horror author Stephen King admits he’s never read Jane Austen.

I don’t have much interest in “relationship” novels or romance. I’ve never read Jane Austen. I do not say this with either pride or shame (or prejudice, for that matter). It’s just a fact.

We are moved to quote the film Miss Austen Regrets:

If that’s what you think they say, my dear, perhaps, you should read them again.

4 thoughts on “Stephen King has never read Jane Austen

  1. I think Stephen King must be wrong, even about himself. Surely even in his own novels,which, I must admit, I have never read, he must have characters and those characters must interact? Virgina Woolf wrote an essay entitled, Mr Brown and Mrs Bennett, in which she describes the whole reason and purpose of a novel, An authors’ only purpose, in her view is the development of characters and how they react and interact in different situations. She quotes a number of authors as examples, D H Lawrence, James Joyce, Thomas Hardy and of course Jjane Austen.


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