Will Jane Austen’s Real Inspiration Please Stand Up?


We were half “so sick of Jane Austen’s Real Blah de Blah” and half “Actually what he’s saying is kind of interesting.” Read and make up your own mind!

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When I saw this article in the Telegraph linked on Twitter, I rolled my eyes a bit and prepared myself for silliness. We’ve had so much of this sort of thing: the Real Mr. Darcy, the Real Pemberley, etc., and it’s becoming tiresome, because so often it’s a bunch of hooey.

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One thought on “Will Jane Austen’s Real Inspiration Please Stand Up?

  1. I really like the idea of the author allowing the reader to draw his or her own conclusions. After all, once he or she releases the book into “the wild,” so to speak, they no longer have control over how it is interpreted (other than to correct rumors or whatever). But that’s what makes books so fascinating! Every single person will read it in a slightly (or drastically) different way.

    Great article! Thanks for sharing!


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