Jane Austen Quotes Delivered to Your Smartphone


jane_austenThe Jane Austen Centre at Bath has created the Jane Austen Daily Quote App, a free smartphone app. You can set it to deliver a free daily quote from one of Jane Austen’s novels to your smartphone. This is a delightful idea and we are all for it.

The app also includes articles from the Centre’s online magazine and information about the Centre, as well as a link to its gift store.

Deborah Yaffe pointed out that not everyone has a smartphone. (HOW DO YOU PEOPLE SURVIVE?!?) It occurs to us that we can be better about providing Jane Austen quotation-related services to the non-smartphone-owning Janeite public. Things that make you go hmmm…. 😉

To get the app, go to your app store and search for “The Jane Austen Daily Quote App.” It’s currently available for Android and iOS.

7 thoughts on “Jane Austen Quotes Delivered to Your Smartphone

  1. What I am afraid is that the app comes from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, which is NOT the most reliable source from bona fide Austen quotes.

    As Deborah Yaffe also has pointed out in the past, that Centre has sold merchandise with quotations from the adaptations as if they were truly penned by Jane Austen, and also frequently in its social media also post that kind of quotes. That mistake has been acknowledged as the third step to annoy a Janeite (Crediting Austen with quotes from adaptations).

    Maybe I am very mean but the only reason I would like to keep an eye on that app is to point such flagrant mistakes.

    And yes, not all people around the world own a smartphone, like my mother and my aunt. I own one but it is a Blackberry, useful for my work (so no app for me either as it is not based on Android nor iOS).


    • Well, I’ve had it for a few days, admittedly a very brief trial, and so far all the quotes have been “real”–a couple from the books, and one from the letters. It depends what source they used for the database of quotations. For instance, the list of “Jane Austen quotation” compiled by readers at Goodreads includes several that are from the movies and not the books.

      The thing is, for some of the Young Persons, the movie quotations are as good as the book quotations. We live in a degenerate age, as a Georgette Heyer character would say. 😉


  2. Rosie

    Note: I went to the Apple store to get the app for my Ipod. The recent reviews are saying that the app is not opening on your Apple devices.


  3. To answer your all-caps question, Maggie: with increasing difficulty, as everyone seems to want you to text these days. (Conversation being so last century, I guess.)

    Thanks for mentioning the blog. . .

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    • I am joking, mostly. I find my smartphone invaluable at all times, but I daresay if I had to, I could live without it. Fortunately, I don’t have to. 🙂 Like I said, it has become a valuable tool for me.


  4. nancypiccione

    Thank you for the info on this app. I just downloaded it and look forward to enjoying it. I do hope the quotes are accurate. When I’m on Pinterest and see yet another, “I love you, body & soul,” attributed to Jane Austen, I die a little.


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