A Giveaway for Jane Austen’s Birthday


The Joy of Jane - Essays on the First 200 Years of Austen's LegacyIn honor of Jane Austen’s birthday, we are giving away five copies of the recently published essay collection The Joy of Jane. From the book’s website:

Although there were only six completed novels, Jane Austen left an enormous legacy when she died on July 18, 1817, at the age of only 41. The Joy of Jane brings together some of today’s leading writers and authorities on Jane Austen to offer their thoughts on her endearing appeal. They include:


Why yes, the Editrix has her share in the conversation, and we are honored to be included in this outstanding group of writers. Our essay is about Jane Austen as a professional author, and a little bit about what she might have thought about her current celebrity (and all the stuff that goes with it, she typed as she sipped tea from her brand-new “Janeite” mug). If you would like to purchase the book–it would make a tremendous holiday gift for any Janeite in our humble opinion–there are links at the bottom of the website linked above.

To enter the contest, post a comment below and be sure to leave a working email address in the email field. (If you are signed in to WordPress.com, that is sufficient.) U.S. and international readers are invited to enter this giveaway. Thanks to Landsdown Media for providing us with copies of the book.

ETA: to clarify how the giveaway will work, we’ll pick five random commenters below using the Random Integer Generator to match up with the comment number. Only one comment per person (the first one) will be counted as an entry. You can enter until 9 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time on Saturday, December 17. Check the email address you left in the comment on Sunday morning to see if you are a winner–you will have to send me your address to receive the book. The email will be from the AustenBlog email address.

38 thoughts on “A Giveaway for Jane Austen’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to Jane – and bravo to you and your illustrious company. What a fun follow-up project to your “Jane Austen Cover to Cover”! I would love a chance to win this book also.


  2. This book sounds amazing! Thanks for your generosity in running this contest.

    P.S. Now that Lady Susan has finally been made into a movie, do you think filmmakers will explore Jane Austen’s other unpublished works? I’d love to see an animated version of The History of England


  3. Trai

    So excited to read your contribution, and so many others from such great authors! I had totally forgotten this was a thing coming out, so thank you for running the giveaway, LOL.


  4. Jenny Ellis

    How did I not know about this book until now? Will definitely be ordering if I don’t win. I am the regional librarian for my JASNA group and our little library needs this book.


  5. Yesterday I managed to obtain a copy of the ‘Memoir of Jane Austen’ of 1871, this was the second edition of the memoir and included the first publication of ‘Lady Susan’. On the spine the volume is entitled ‘Lady Susan &c’. So I would definitely like to be included in your draw.
    You might like to check out my blog, I am currently running a series, 5 things you might not know about Jane Austen.


  6. Maia John

    Dearest Jane,

    A very happy birthday to you, my most favourite author. Thank you for being. Thank you for your works, your wit, your wisdom.

    Thank you for this giveaway,

    Best wishes,

    Maia x


  7. laania

    Happy birthday dear Jane! And thank you dear Editrix for keeping this blog going. It’s given me a lot of joy over the years.


  8. Happy birthday to Miss Austen and Editrix, thanks for this giveaway. I’m looking forward to reading your book! Glad to hear you are resolved to write more in the new year. The world needs the Cluebat of Righteousness about now.


  9. zoe hood

    Will be thrilled if I win the book. I read Jane’s books over and over both in Braille and audio, and I read everything else about her I can get my hands on with a talking scanner as I am blind. Thank you.


  10. Amy Stallings

    And for Jane Austen’s birthday this year, we get to celebrate by watching intergalactic Catherine Morland plot to blow things up! Actually, I’ll be working instead, but a Janeite colleague and I are going out for sticky toffee pudding this evening to mark the occasion.

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  11. Mae

    Our celebration isn’t for a couple of days, but we’re looking forward to playing Spillicans, Lottery Tickets, Regency Charades, having tea with biscuits, and, of course, the best company!

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  12. rearadmiral

    Happy Bday Jane and thank you for the giveaway! I hope(and have the honor) to be joining you in a future project!

    rearadmiral00 (at) gmail (dot) com


  13. LynnS

    I finished “The Jane Austen Writers’ Club: Inspiration and Advice from the World’s Best-loved Novelist” by Rebecca Smith last night so I need another Jane themed book to read (She said, ignoring the dozens of other Jane-themed books stacked sky high in the TBR pile!)


  14. Is there still time? I only check my email on the weekends… It was my birthday on the 12th so maybe you feel sorry for me? LOL. I absolutely love her birthday cake. My congrats to whoever made it. Thanks for the giveaway (even if I am too late).


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