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We are hunkered down here at the fabulous high-tech AustenBlog World Headquarters, and maintaining proper social distancing. Dorothy has been basically locked in her garret watching the North and South series on repeat, occasionally emerging to make another pot of tea and mumbling something that sounds like, “Save us, Richard Armitage.” The Editrix is herself indulging in a re-watch, in order*, of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga films, so all we have to say to that is Hail Hydra.

*not including The Incredible Hulk, sorry, we are ride or die Ruffalo, all hail Professor Hulk

Anyway! We have seen comments on the World Wide Web that some of our Gentle Readers and other online friends have expressed an interest in seeing EMMA., but in the Prevailing Times, when cinemas are closed and, even in better times, many films might not even make it to one’s small town, they were not able to see the film before Everything Happened. So we are pleased to inform our Gentle Readers that EMMA., as well as several other recently released films, are available to rent digitally right now. That link has streaming information for the U.S. as well as other countries. (Here at AustenBlog HQ, we use Google Play Movies and “cast” the film to our television via Chromecast.)

It is more expensive ($20 in the U.S.) than most movie rentals, but cinema tickets are not a whole lot less than that these days, at least here in the Editrix’s area (unless the adorable high schoolers selling us a ticket take one look at our gray hair and give us the senior discount for which we’re still a few years short of being eligible, no complaints mind you) but, more importantly, we really wanted to support this well-made, beautiful, funny, sweet, intelligent film. We support and empathize with those who simply cannot spend that sort of money on a movie at this time. However, if you want to watch the film, and can spare the rental fee, this is a good opportunity. We also wish to note you can watch it as many times as you want in a 48-hour period after first starting the film, at least on our service, with 30 days after the rental fee is paid to actually start watching. We watched it twice, and it held up extremely well over both viewings, and we noticed things we didn’t on our first viewing. And yes, we still really like Johnny Flynn. Can we maybe get him in an MCU film?

6 thoughts on “EMMA. Available for Streaming

  1. Kim

    I saw it in theaters before all hell broke loose and enjoyed it. Miranda Hart was criminally underutilized though!


    • Agreed. I am hoping for some deleted scenes when the DVD comes out. I have to say I admire Autumn de Wilde’s discipline in keeping the story laser-focused on Emma and Mr. Knightley. Especially with such a wonderful actress as Miranda Hart, it must have been tempting to wander off a bit with Miss Bates. Same with Mrs. Elton–the actress who played her was just perfect.


  2. Guy

    I have books from Jane Austen Chawton Edition 1906 Mansfield Park 1 and 2 and Northanger Abbey
    Anyone interested in these antique books?


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