Sanditon to Return for Second and Third Season


As the headline says…

There are a lot of members of a certain campaigning sorority congratulating themselves all over Twitter because “WE BROUGHT IT BACK” but it is our considered opinion that they would do better to thank Shonda Rhimes, for it is much more likely that the success of Bridgerton revived this series than the fan campaign. The people who greenlight these things are not well acquainted with the concept of original ideas, and most of the work is done already for this one. Maybe it will be marketed as being Bridgerton-adjacent rather than Austen-adjacent, which would be a relief.

One piece of good news we noted, from Crystal Clarke, who plays Miss Lambe on the series:

We beg the new writers to re-read Jane Austen and pray try to avoid nonsensical melodrama, which had no part in her work.

2 thoughts on “Sanditon to Return for Second and Third Season

  1. LynnS

    Can I just say here that I hate, hate, HATE the romance novel trope of woman falls in love with man who insults and condescends to her. You know, the one that Austen NEVER used! It ruined Sanditon for me, especially since the brief glimpse of him in the novel is reminiscent of Henry Tilney.

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    • I know–the little bit of Sidney that we get from Austen just makes him sound so delightful! So instead they’re like “girls like brooding men” and make him just an awful person, because if we like brooding we must like extra-awful. I don’t get it.


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