BBC Mansfield Park dramatization available on CD and at Audible (updated: also iTunes)


A friend pointed us to a David Tennant blog, which shared the delightful news that the BBC Radio Four dramatization of Mansfield Park starring Mr. Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Felicity Jones is now available in the U.S. on CD. [Amazon US] We also investigated further and it’s available (for a very good price) at Audible, for those like the Editrix who are trying to avoid collecting physical media (Dorothy  is not overfond of dusting them, you see). According to the David Tennant blog, it’s been available in the UK for some time.

ETA: Alert Janeite Ben let us know that the adaptation is also available on iTunes.

Sense and Sensibility Dramatization on BBC Radio 4


BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a radio dramatization of Sense and Sensibility in two parts. Part 1 is available to listen to right now and for the next week (we can listen to it here in the U.S., so hopefully it is worldwide). A couple of old friends have been spotted in the cast list: Amanda Hale (Mary Musgrove in P07) as Elinor and Blake Ritson (Edmund in MP07, Mr. Elton in E09) as Colonel Brandon. There’s also a blog post by the adapter, Helen Edmundson, with a photo of some of the cast members.

Jane Austen and Georgian Crime Podcast


Check out this podcast featuring Susannah Fullerton, president of the Jane Austen Society of Australia and author of the book Jane Austen and Crime, about crime in Georgian England. There will be a test! (Really. There’s a quiz.)

Midweek Multimedia: Depilation Edition


(Yes, yes, we know, midweek. But we are in the middle of taking this web analytics class, and yes we shall be analyzing you ALL *wiggles fingers in hypnotic manner* and we just finished this week’s assignment. It’s actually pretty interesting and geeky, which is right up the Editrix’s alley.)

The fourth episode of “Sex and the Austen Girl” is available at Babelgum. This week, Courtney and Jane discuss beauty products and hair removal.

If you missed BBC Four’s “Jane Austen’s iPod” show the first time around, it was rebroadcast the other day, and you can listen to it for a few more days. Make haste! Thanks to Alert Janeite Peggy for reminding us about the Listen Now feature.

This is an AustenBlog DIY post, so if you have run across any Austen-related multimedia links lately, please post them in comments!

Midweek Multimedia: I Am So Tweeting This Edition


Yes, it’s late. Stop judging us. We were very busy earlier in the week!

The third episode of Sex and the Austen Girl is available at Babelgum. The ladies discuss modern technology in this episode. We have to say we are really enjoying the performances of Arabella Field and Fay Masterson in these webisodes. The ladies seem to be having a great time with the material and really get it. Also we like the background showing Prior Park and the folly bridge, because we were there! 🙂 (When we are Editrix, er, High Priestess of the Universe, Prior Park will be appropriated as the Home for Wayward Fangirls.)

Also, we heard that the program(me) Jane Austen’s iPod will be repeated on Radio 4 at 1.30pm on Sunday 6th June (we blogged about it previously). Also, David Owen Norris, the presenter, and Amanda Pitt will be performing an hour from Jane Austen’s music collection in the Turner Sims Concert Hall at the University of Southampton at 8pm on Wednesday 30th June. Tickets are £10.

And last but not least for this week’s multimedia, we have the return of Mr. Darcy, this time having a discussion with Lady Catherine. He seems rather agitated.

Monday Multimedia: Anniversaries Edition


Welcome to Monday Multimedia! What’s that, you ask? This wasn’t in the roadmap that the Editrix announced last week, we hear you muttering to yourselves. However, since we know that Monday Ebooks is a personal indulgence, we wanted to add something else for a regular Monday feature; and also it occurred to us that there are so many interesting audio and video things going on these days that we could probably have a weekly post without too much difficulty. So: Monday Multimedia! This will be the first post of our new DIY approach (that means Do It Yourself for those who do not know), so do please add your own links to videos and audio of note in comments!

We have one audio to share ourself: the BBC Woman’s Hour has an interview with Rebecca Vaughan, the star of “Austen’s Women,” at Leicester Square Theatre through May 9 (with a funny bit from the play), and Charlotte Barnaville, marketing director of Winchester Cathedral, which has a Jane Austen exhibit through September, and Elizabeth Proudman, Vice Chair of the Jane Austen Society. The Austen stuff doesn’t come in until about halfway through, however.

Friday Bookblogging: Mostly Audio Edition


It’s been a while for Friday Bookblogging, but there’s so much today that we couldn’t resist; and interestingly, much of it is audio-based, or at least partly. (There are transcripts for nearly everything if you are at work or otherwise audio-challenged.)

NPR has been featuring Claire Harman’s book, Jane’s Fame, over the past week or so, and there are several audio clips and interviews about the book.

The first is a basic review of the book, which starts out with an unfortunate and undeserved slam of James Edward Austen-Leigh’s Memoir. Continue reading