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Greetings, Gentle Reader!

Things have changed a bit around AustenBlog. You can still send news, links, and items of interest for possible posting on the blog. However, due to time and energy constraints, they may not be acknowledged and/or posted. Emails may be sent to austenblog AT gmail DOT com. Please do NOT contact us on blog business via social media private messaging, as it makes the Editrix’s head explode and Dorothy’s tired of cleaning it up.

We are no longer accepting books for review. We’re happy to hear about your new Jane Austen-related publishing project via email, but again, your information may not be acknowledged or posted on the blog. We will occasionally review Jane Austen-related books that we think will be of interest to our readers, but prefer to acquire the books by purchase or borrowing from the library, due to ethical concerns. We’re a little pickier than we probably need to be about that, but we are happier that way, so we appreciate your indulgence.

At this time, we are not interested in “guest posts” for the blog.

All e-mails, letters, and other communications are subject to being posted on