We missed this one, unfortunately


A movie that was broadcast last weekend, while we were slacking off…

“12 Men of Christmas,” a Lifetime movie on Saturday, stars Kristin Chenoweth as E .J. Baxter, a hard-driving New York publicist who clashes with Will, a hunky Montana outdoorsman (Josh Hopkins). It’s a watered-down reworking of Jane Austen’s famous comedy of manners (call it “Pride & Pectorals”), and Christmas is quite beside the point, except as a pretext for the heroine to commission a sexy male pinup calendar.

But do Lifetime movies ever go away? Alert Janeite Carolyn M. caught the P&P reference and sent us a review:

I was watching the cheesy but “diverting” movie, “12 Men Of Christmas” on the Hallmark channel last night. When the grumpy hero declared himself to Kristin Chenoweth it was the declaration scene from P & P! They also had the Mr. Wickham character in the movie as well although he was more of a player then a bad guy.

We couldn’t find another broadcast listed for this title before Christmas…but maybe it’s on On Demand or something. Wouldn’t hurt to check. (We would, but we don’t have cable at AustenBlog World Headquarters.)