Aisha to be released on August 6, 2010 in India


Spotted on Austenprose: Aisha, a modern film adaptation of Emma set in New Delhi, will be released in India on August 9 6, 2010. Hopefully the rest of the world (or at least DVDs in many regions) won’t be too far behind.

Ayesha to start filming on August 27


An article about Bollywood actor Abhay Deol notes that Ayesha, a modern Bollywood adaptation of Emma in which Mr. Deol will play the Mr. Knightley character, begins shooting August 27. Bring on the next wave of Jane on Film!

More Emma 2009 casting news


Alert Janeites Anna and Maisy reported in comments, and Alert Janeites Laurel Ann and Lisa via e-mail, that the BBC has announced some more cast members for Emma 2009.

Jodhi May (Einstein And Eddington, Friends And Crocodiles) plays Miss Taylor, Emma’s former governess who marries the good-humoured Mr Weston played by Robert Bathurst (Cold Feet, White Teeth, My Dad’s The Prime Minister).

Tamsin Greig (The Diary Of Anne Frank, Green Wing) plays the incessantly chatty, well-meaning Miss Bates whose poverty draws the pity and goodwill of all of Highbury.

The Hornblower fans who read (and write on) this blog will no doubt be delighted to see more of poor Mr. Eccleston, who came to such a bad end. “The ship…is yours…Mr. Hornblower.” *sniff* (he lives on in fanfic, fear not)

In other Emma adaptation news, Alert Janeite Reeba also sent in an article with a tidbit about Ayesha, the modern-set Bollywood adaptation of Emma starring Sonam Kapoor. We now know which gentleman will play whom, and Reeba has kindly provided links so we can check them out: Mr Knightley will be played by Abhay Deol; Mr. Elton by Cyrus Sahukar; and Frank Churchill by Arunoday Singh.

Emma 2009 filming at Surrey church "between April and June"


A poster at C19 reported that her vicar said that Emma 2009 will be filmed at her church, The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Surrey, for one day “sometime between April and June.” (Is it just us, or does the church look a lot like St. Nicholas’ church in Steventon?) Nice to see they’re keeping it local! Surrey, after all, is the garden of England! (Mrs. Elton said so, so it must be true.) Thanks to Alert Janeite Laurel Ann for the heads up!

In Emmaish film news, here’s a little tidbit about Ayesha, with another photo of Sonam Kapoor.

Meet Ayesha


Sonam KapoorWe found an article with a few more tidbits about Ayesha, the Bollywood adaptation of Emma, as well as a photo of the lovely Sonam Kapoor, who will play the lead role.

According to the reports the lead actress of the movie Ayesha is rich, easy going and flamboyant and Sonam would be seen in this role.

The task of editing the novel has been given to Devika Bhagat, the writer of ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’.

Abhay Deol has been reportedly roped in for the project and a new actor named Arunodoy Singh is to play another male lead role.

Incidentally, we saw Slumdog Millionaire last weekend and agree that Anil Kapoor is a little young to be playing a Mr. Woodhouse type!

Bollywood Emma, Ayesha, to start filming in April


Things look a little more definite for the Bollywood adaptation of Emma produced by Slumdog Millionaire star Anil Kapoor.

That’s right, the word is final. The Jane Austen classic Emma will be adapted for Indian audiences in a project titled Ayesha. The camera starts rolling this April with Abhay Deol in the role of Emma/Ayesha’s secret love. Along with Abhay the movie will star newcomer Arunodoy Singh who plays the role of the Victorian Casanova.

Now whose our Emma, or shall we say Ayesha you ask? Well none other than daddy’s girl Sonam Kapoor whole be sporting an ultra chic and glam avatar for this home production.

Although the news of the moment is the rumor of Dad Anil Kapoor playing Sonam’s onscreen father too in the film. No last word has been given on this news because Anil remains hesitant at the idea of playing Sonam’s father when he still acts opposite actresses like Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor.

There’s so much wrong in that article that we have to giggle, but here’s hoping that the underlying stuff is right!