Prequel announced to P&P & Zombies


In an announcement from the Department of Dead Horse Beating, Quirk Books has announced the next title in the Quirk Classics line will be a prequel to P&P&Z, Dawn of the Dreadfuls.

In this terrifying and hilarious prequel, we witness the genesis of the zombie plague in early-nineteenth century England. We watch Elizabeth Bennet evolve from a naïve young teenager into a savage slayer of the undead. We laugh as she begins her first clumsy training with nunchucks and katana swords and
cry when her first blush with romance goes tragically awry.

Though we did laugh at the “Master of Our Public Domain” bit on the main page, as Evil!Willow would say: Bored now. Isn’t it time to pick on another dead author yet? Or at least producing a parody that would actually appeal to Janeites? Maybe ask one to write it? Or someone who doesn’t only think he is a Janeite? (Don’t think we haven’t noticed all these books are written by men.)

Relinquishing the soapbox to the floor.