Death Comes to Pemberley Trailer


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PBS Will Air Death Comes to Pemberley


The title says it all. No air date announced, but we suspect it will be part of 2014’s Masterpiece lineup. The question, of course, is will it be part of Masterpiece Classic (earlier in the year) or Masterpiece Mystery (in the summer)? We’ll find out eventually, of course.

Death Comes to Pemberley is apparently filming


We hated the book with the red-hot fire of a thousand suns and hate the whole idea of the film. Seriously, doesn’t the BBC have good sense, or taste? If they wanted to film fan fiction, there’s lots better out there. Something that’s not boring, and possibly funny, would have been a much better choice. The cast looks good, but one feels they might be somewhat wasted. They’re filming at Chatsworth, which is much too grand to be Pemberley, but that stagecoach long ago left the posting-inn, we suppose. Okay, shutting up now so as not to be a buzzkill.