It’s Movie Day at AustenBlog!


Because quite frankly, we get more interest in posts about Austen-related movies than anything else. That should probably distress us more than it does. Anyway, there are actually some new Austen-related films being made, and none of them appear to be acceptable adaptations of Mansfield Park. Hollywood, you know you don’t have to pay anyone for the rights of that one, right? Just saying.

Dorothy’s made popcorn and some iced vanilla rooibos, so settle in, turn off your cell phones, no, really, TURN THEM OFF or face the wrath of the Cluebat, and get ready for another glut of Austen-related films–and hearken back to the glory days of yore, by which we mean the 1990s. Will these new films be good? Will they be silly? Will they make the Editrix’s head explode? It all remains to be seen. Buckle up, Gentle Readers, it may be a bumpy ride.