Masterpiece Definitely Will Carry Emma 2009


Though we suppose it will be Emma 2010 in the U.S. We pretty much knew this would happen, but now it’s definite: PBS will broadcast the BBC’s new adaptation of Emma on Masterpiece in early 2010. Thanks to Alert Janeites Maria L., Kerry, and Lisa for the link.

We’re also pleased to see that there will be a return to Cranford and also Sharpe movies. *does happy fangirl dance*

More Emma09 Photos


For those who missed it in the open thread comments, Alert Janeite Maria L. linked some more photos at RoP, this time of Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley. We understand that these are Special Photos And Not To Be Touched, Mocked, Spindled, or Mutilated, but boy is that third one crying out for a LOLAusten.

Emma Old and New


Alert Janeite Michelle W sent us a link to a post on the Republic of Pemberley with lots of photos of the filming of the upcoming BBC Emma adaptation in Chilham. Not only are the ladies wearing hats, they are quite fabulous hats! We are delighted by this glimpse of the upcoming series.

In other news, a gossip blog reported that Alicia Silverstone is planning a sequel to Clueless, about a high school reunion. We would be extremely suspicious about this project except that Amy Heckerling is reported to be collaborating with Alicia and also set to direct. And Cher better be married to Josh, or they better get back together (this one could be an updated adaptation of Persuasion instead of Emma).

More cast members for Emma 2009 (unconfirmed)


Alert Janeites Maria L., Franka, and Sylvia M. all left comments (which got caught in the spam filter) or sent an e-mail to let us know that a few more cast members for Emma 2009 are listed on C19: Blake Ritson as Mr. Elton, Christina Cole as Mrs. Elton, and Rupert Evans as Frank Churchill. Please note this report has not been confirmed by the BBC, but we suspect it is pretty solid.

(And as Sylvia said, “…we only should get Nicholas Farrell to be cast as Mr. Cole and we will have all three Edmund Bertrams in the same film! ;)” Hee.)

ETA: Further unconfirmed reports indicate that Laura Pyper will play Jane Fairfax and Louise Dylan will play Harriet Smith.

Welcome to Highbury


“Highbury, the large and populous village, almost amounting to a town, to which Hartfield, in spite of its separate lawn, and shrubberies, and name, did really belong…”

Your Canterbury News reports that the village of Chilham in Kent will stand in for Highbury in the upcoming BBC serialization of Emma. Preparations are going on right now for filming to begin next week.

The four day shoot starts in Chilham next week when a BBC film crew will transform several streets, the churchyard and the central square into a 19th century village.

A fountain will be constructed in the centre of the square, while roads including Taylor Hill, Church Hill and The Street will be laid with a gravel covering to hide the street markings, with all vehicles removed from the affected area.

The parish website has some photos, and there’s another photo and a bit of info at Wikipedia.

Thanks to Alert Janeites Lisa and Laurel Ann for the link!

More Emma 2009 casting news


Alert Janeites Anna and Maisy reported in comments, and Alert Janeites Laurel Ann and Lisa via e-mail, that the BBC has announced some more cast members for Emma 2009.

Jodhi May (Einstein And Eddington, Friends And Crocodiles) plays Miss Taylor, Emma’s former governess who marries the good-humoured Mr Weston played by Robert Bathurst (Cold Feet, White Teeth, My Dad’s The Prime Minister).

Tamsin Greig (The Diary Of Anne Frank, Green Wing) plays the incessantly chatty, well-meaning Miss Bates whose poverty draws the pity and goodwill of all of Highbury.

The Hornblower fans who read (and write on) this blog will no doubt be delighted to see more of poor Mr. Eccleston, who came to such a bad end. “The ship…is yours…Mr. Hornblower.” *sniff* (he lives on in fanfic, fear not)

In other Emma adaptation news, Alert Janeite Reeba also sent in an article with a tidbit about Ayesha, the modern-set Bollywood adaptation of Emma starring Sonam Kapoor. We now know which gentleman will play whom, and Reeba has kindly provided links so we can check them out: Mr Knightley will be played by Abhay Deol; Mr. Elton by Cyrus Sahukar; and Frank Churchill by Arunoday Singh.

Emma 2009 filming at Surrey church "between April and June"


A poster at C19 reported that her vicar said that Emma 2009 will be filmed at her church, The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Surrey, for one day “sometime between April and June.” (Is it just us, or does the church look a lot like St. Nicholas’ church in Steventon?) Nice to see they’re keeping it local! Surrey, after all, is the garden of England! (Mrs. Elton said so, so it must be true.) Thanks to Alert Janeite Laurel Ann for the heads up!

In Emmaish film news, here’s a little tidbit about Ayesha, with another photo of Sonam Kapoor.

Emma 2009 is official!


Thanks to several Alert Janeites who sent in the link (Franka, Patty, Maria L., and Maisy left a post in comments on the open thread) to the BBC’s press release confirming a new serial adaptation of Emma, to be broadcast on the BBC in autumn 2009, adapted by Sandy Welch, who has adapted the most recent version of Jane Eyre as well as Our Mutual Friend and a favorite at AustenBlog World Headquarters and just about everywhere else it is seen, the marvelous adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South starring Daniela Denby-Ashe and Richard Armitage *coughmrknightleycough*.

The series will be four one-hour episodes. The series will be four one-hour episodes. THE SERIES WILL BE FOUR ONE-HOUR EPISODES!!!!! Thank you, Auntie Beeb! Somebody gets it!!!

fresh, humorous and perceptive

“Humorous” related to a Jane Austen adaptation will be fresh, indeed!

The adaptation will film in the spring and early summer of 2009. Cast to be announced. (subliminal!editrix sez “richard armitage richard armitage richard armitage richard armitage dammit okay that’s not so subliminal but still richard armitage we don’t care if he doesn’t want to do period stuff anymore he owes it to his fangirls talk him into it pay him outrageously you’re the bbc for ferrars’ sake make it happen richard armitage!”)