Disarming Reproof


Ewan McGregor on his role as Frank Churchill in Gwyneth!Emma:

Given his long and eclectic resumé, Ewan McGregor has developed a reputation for choosing interesting, original film projects. But even he admits he’s made a few missteps, including an early dalliance into the world of Jane Austen adaptations. “I remember after ‘Trainspotting,’ I made a film called ‘Emma,’ which was a very fine film, but I was terrible in it because I felt like I decided to do it because I should be seen to be doing that,” he admits. “I’d just played a heroin addict, so now I should be seen to be doing the English guy in a period drama. And as a result, I was just shockingly bad in it.”

We feel as though we should pat his head and say, “There there, Ewan, it wasn’t so bad,” but, well…we have to agree with him on this one.