Austenland Trailer


We have very very very mixed feelings about Austenland, too, but we are actually looking forward to seeing this one. We just fear that some of the send-up of Austen fans might be a little eye-rollingly over-the-top. However: Jennifer Coolidge is one of the most hilarious people on the planet; JJ Feild is just adorable* (we don’t remember anyone being murdered in the book, so likely he didn’t do it); FIGWIT! FIGWIT! FIGWIT! (poor Bret, he deserves better than to have Figwit following him around for the rest of his life); we found ourself smiling at the end of the trailer: a good sign. It’s certainly a fangirl-friendly production, which is also a good thing.

*Yet, though friends sent us the link saying O HAY EDITRIX LOOK IT’S MR. TILNEY, honestly? Nothing against JJ, who is darling, but these days Tilney-in-our-head is…someone else. Continue reading