The League of Austen’s Extraordinary Gentlemen: Part the First


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The Gentlemen of the Royal Navy

In which the defense begins.

There was a cry from the lookout. “Deck ahoy! Enemy sighted two points off the larboard bow!”

The first lieutenant strode to the rail and raised his glass. After a moment he said to the midshipman of the watch, “Pray convey my respect to the captain, and tell him that we have a situation that requires his attention.”

The captain soon joined his first officer, who handed the captain his glass. The captain observed a moment, and then said to the lieutenant, “Our old friend.”

“Yes, sir. And that is the part of the coast where the Dashwood ladies have taken a cottage.”

“Our duty is clear, Mr. Price. He has escaped us before, but he shall not escape this time.” The captain gave his commands with rapid confidence. “Signal the fleet: enemy in sight, prepare to engage. Then beat to quarters.” Continue reading