From Prada to Nada on DVD and Blu-Ray May 3, 2011


From Prada To Nada PosterThe title says it all: the Internets, font of all wisdom, tell us that the DVD and Blu-Ray of From Prada to Nada*, a modern-set film inspired by Sense and Sensibility and set in the Latino community of Los Angeles, will be out on May 3, 2011. We’re pleased because we’ll actually get to see it in the S&S bicentenary year!

*We realize the article only mentions the Blu-Ray, but we wielded our ninja-like Google-fu to discover that the DVD will be out the same day. We’re just wondering why it costs more than the Blu-Ray. Perhaps because it’s not a 3D special effects spectacular? At least, not that we’ve heard.

From Prada to Nada opens today!


From Prada To Nada PosterHaving followed the long saga of the making of From Prada to Nada, from the writing of the screenplay (then called Sensibilidad) several years ago, we very much want to see this film, though bad weather and the limited amount of theaters showing the film might prevent it from happening for a week or two. Check out the trailer:

If you get to see it, we would love to post a report!

Extended trailer for From Prada to Nada


The countdown to January 28, 2011 (the U.S. release of From Prada to Nada) carries on with some new additions to the official FPtN YouTube channel. First, an extended trailer featuring some more scenes from the film.

The YouTube channel also has the original trailer (we love that song–does anyone know what it is?), a short interview with director Angel Gracia, and an outtake featuring Wilmer Valderrama.

If you can’t get enough FPtN, check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed, not to mention the official site (not much there at the moment).

New poster for “From Prada to Nada”


From Prada To Nada PosterWe could have had an exclusive on this, but again…unscheduled sabbatical. 😉 Here is the official U.S. poster for From Prada to Nada (thumbnail is clickable to full size), which as far as we know is still coming out in the U.S. in January 2011. Stay tuned for more stuff!

From Prada to Nada Trailer, Release Date and Promotional Info


From Prada to NadaU.S. release date is January 2011! We had been feeling kinda bummed out about this film, as it showed a lot of promise and then seemed to have been boringly commercialized, but the trailer has us all happy again!

This looks great! We are even liking Wilmer Valderrama! Better than the stinking zombie movie any day, innit?

Alert Janeite Carmen also sent us the film’s Twitter account, so you can keep up on the news. She also found an interview with Alexa Vega, who plays Mary.

From Prada to Nada Poster


From Prada to Nada PosterAlert Janeite Cinthia sent along an image of the poster for From Prada to Nada. The site that posted it says the film will be out “in 2011.” No firm dates yet that we’re aware of. Click on the image at left to see a full-size image.

Wednesday Linkapalooza: Do A Little Dance, Make A Little Love Edition


Get Down TonightWe liked this image, which we saw on Kate Beaton’s Twitter feed. These folks are clearly getting down tonight. Click on the pic to see a larger version. It’s worth it, trust. Get down, get down, get down, get down tonight!

Also, Baja Janeite sent us photos from the set of From Prada to Nada and we forgot to post them with the other stuff last week, so here you go.

Alert Janeite Ben sent a link to an online quiz that should not tax the average Janeite overmuch. We’re not quite sure of the point, but it’s a moment of silliness, which we often find cathartic. Never let it be said we are tar-hearted uptight spinster purists at AustenBlog!

Alert Janeite Maria K. sent a link to the Pride and Prejudice game published by Ashgrove Press. The game has been around for about ten years or so, but we’ve had a few e-mails about it in the past few months, so we are going to take a great leap of logic (because we’re just so darned good at it) and guess that there might be Janeites who are not old and jaded like the Editrix are not aware of the delights that await them out there in the Austensphere! (Everyone knows about the Jane Austen Action Figure, right? Right.)

And it’s time once again to vote for the Jane Austen Awards. Full disclosure: AustenBlog is up for Favorite Blog! Vote early and often, as they say back in the Editrix’s ‘hood (and while we should never be so vulgar as to beg for votes, as always, we thank you for your support).

This is an AustenBlog DIY post, so feel free to add Austen-related links of interest that you’ve come across recently in comments or just let us know what’s up in your patch of Janeiteville.

From Prada to Nada preview


The ever-Alert Baja Janeite sent us a link to a little preview of From Prada to Nada, the upcoming modern-set adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. There is no footage from the film, but we do get the tidbit of news that it should be out “in 2011.”

Update on “From Prada to Nada”


Alert Janeite Carmen found some information, with links and photos, about From Prada to Nada, formerly called Sense and Sensibilidad. The film seems to be done shooting, but there is no release date yet. Two articles are publicity about Karla Souza, who plays what seems to be the Lucy Steele character. In the first article she says:

“Es un proyecto comercial muy ligero, el director le quiere dar un tratamiento diferente, antes se iba a llamar Sense and sensibility, una adaptación de la novela inglesa de Jane Austen, pero se dieron cuenta que no era similar a esta historia que es la de dos hermanas que viven una vida millonaria pero cuando se muere su papá y quedan en la banca rota, se tienen que mudar con la tía —que es Adriana Barraza— al barrio latino para enfrentarse a sus orígenes y convivir con su familia mexicana en Los Ángeles”

-> It’s a very light commercial project, the director wants to give it a different point of view. It was going to be called Sense and Sensibility before, an adaptation of the English novel by Jane Austen, but they became aware that the story wasn’t so alike about those two sisters who live like millionaries but when their dad dies, they go penniless, they have to move with their aunt – who’s played by Adriana Barraza – to the latina community, and they have to see their origins and live with their Mexican family in Los Angeles”.

In another article, she says:

“Hice casting para los dos principales, obviamente necesitaban un nombre, alguien muy famoso en Estados Unidos, no me quedé para esos. Me dieron el papel de una chava de mi edad, dentro del mundo rico de Los Ángeles, que busca quedarse con el protagónico, que al final es de Camilla Bell”, detalló.

“I made the audition for the main roles, but they needed a name, someone who is very famous in USA, so I din’t get it. I was given the role of someone of my age, inside the rich world of LA, who wants to get the main boy, but he belongs to Camilla Bell”.

Some more links about the film, in Spanish, with photos of cast members:

Camilla Belle (Elinor)
Alexa Varga (Marianne) (this article is in English)
Adriana Barraza, who plays the aunt

A little video about the filming (in Spanish)

Carmen also wrote, “Nicholas D’Agosto is the only one who is not listed in the IMDB profile of the film, and I am wondering if he plays Brandon or Edward, as the representative of rich people with no latin heritage. But as Valderrama is listed as ‘Bruno’, who sounds (a little, but a little) like Brandon, maybe, D’Agosto is Edward here, especially because Becker seems to have a ‘bad boy’ face, who could link him with Willoughby.”

The Orlando Sentinel has an interview with Wilmer Valderrama:

“I did ‘From Prada to Nada,’ based on ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ The movie talks about these sisters whose father passes away, and they lose everything. I play this young man who everybody thinks is a gangster, but he’s something more than meets the eyes. It’s a timeless tale of classes.

Hmm. That almost sounds like Willoughby, doesn’t it?

Cast members, filming schedule announced for From Prada to Nada


Alert Janeite Cinthia let us know that new cast members (different from those previously announced) have been announced for From Prada to Nada, an adaptation of Sense and Sensibility set in the modern-day Latino community in Los Angeles. Fina Torres is still directing. Filming begins November 2. The Hollywood Reporter article has this description of the film:

“From Prada to Nada” will portray two spoiled sisters left penniless after their father’s sudden death and forced to move in with their estranged aunt in East Los Angeles. There they find romance and love for their culture.

Announced cast members are Adriana Barrazza, one presumes as the aunt; Camilla Belle, one presumes as the Elinor character; Alexa Vega of Spy Kids fame, one presumes as the Marianne character; Wilmer Valderrama of That 70s Show fame, who we first thought from his real-life reputation would be a good Willoughby, but considering the ages of the principals we now fear suspect will be Brandon; and Kuno Becker, who is certainly good-looking enough to be Willoughby, but we suppose could also be Edward.

We fear our sweet little independent film with a cast of fresh-faced unknowns has been sacrificed to Mammon. Cinthia also pointed out that Videocine, the film branch of Televisa, a huge Mexican broadcasting corporation, has been added to the production companies, a company best known for Mexican soap operas. However, fingers are crossed. Let’s see what happens.