What Would Elinor Do?


Sense and Sensibility IllustratedWe were delighted to have the Jane Austen Bicentenary Library edition of Sense and Sensibility featured this month by the Jane Austen Centre at Bath’s online magazine!

And since we had to make another bracelet (we had made our own on a whim) to photograph for the tutorial, we have a giveaway to celebrate this special issue: the bracelet we made in the tutorial, along with a copy of the Jane Austen Bicentenary Library edition of S&S: ebook or paperback–your choice. To enter the contest, leave a comment below, with a valid e-mail address in the e-mail address field (only the Editrix will be able to see it, and we need it to contact you should you win to find out where to send your prize). The bracelet is about seven inches long; if you need a bigger or smaller bracelet, we can remake it if you win, so don’t let that keep you from entering the giveaway. ETA: Please post your entry by 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time on Saturday, April 28! In other words, right before midnight, which is technically Sunday, April 29.

ETA: The ebook is available from your favorite ebook store (try searching on “Margaret C. Sullivan” or “Cassandra Chouinard” to find this particular edition) or directly from Girlebooks or Smashwords.

The paperback is available from Librifiles, the hard-copy publishing arm of Girlebooks. See the link for a 20% off code if you buy from Librifiles, and there is a link there to Amazon. It’s also available from B&N.

Thanks as always to Laura Boyle, editor of the JA Centre’s magazine, for featuring the book. It is always fun to have the opportunity to think about Jane Austen’s novels and to write about thinking about Jane Austen’s novels, if that makes sense!

It’s Read an Ebook Week!


Yes, yes, we know you don’t know what to do with yourself, sitting around mourning the end of the second season of Downton Abbey and willing yourself to not read the spoilers. We have a suggestion to get you through the no-more-costume-porn blues: Read an Ebook Week!

And better yet, there’s a promotion going on with Smashwords–many of their ebooks are on sale, including There Must Be Murder and the annotated and illustrated Sense and Sensibility, both 50% off with the coupon REW50. Other Girlebooks books have promotional prices as well–Austen-related books include Nachtsturm Castle and Letters of Love and Deception by Emily C.A. Snyder–and a new illustrated edition of The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe is FREE (c’mon, you know you’ve been looking for an excuse to read it; and it will explain sooooo much about Northanger Abbey when you do), along with a lot of other great books from Girlebooks authors. And don’t forget all of Girlebooks’ great free ebooks as well!

All Girlebooks ebooks are DRM-free and available in every format. For Kindle owners, download the mobi format books; for nearly all other ebook readers, download epub; and if you like PDFs, those are available, too.

ETA: Because we were clearly not awake when we made this post.