Sense and Sensibility next to get comic-book treatment


Apparently the Pride and Prejudice comic book has been a sufficient success that Marvel is planning to give Sense and Sensibility the same treatment beginning in April 2010. Considering some of the comments about the comic, one hopes they employ a different artist.

Since it’s mentioned in the article, we want to give a little love to Graphic Classics Vol. 14 featuring a graphic-novel treatment of Northanger Abbey. We think many of those disappointed in the artwork of the P&P comic will like it. Catherine is absolutely adorable, just as she ought. (Read Cub Reporter Heather L.’s review.) Also, if you’ve ever wondered just what is behind the black veil (though it’s changed slightly from the original), there is a very nicely distilled adaptation of The Mysteries of Udolpho in the same book.