Jane Austen’s Birthday Giveaway #1: Jane Austen Cover to Cover



Here’s our first giveaway for Jane Austen Day: The Editrix’s own book, Jane Austen Cover to Cover. One hopes our Gentle Readers already know something about it, but if not, it is a review of 200 years of cover design, from the ridiculous to the sublime, of all of Jane Austen’s novels. It’s a nice big coffee-table-type book with tons of full-color illustrations of the book covers. We also included information about the history of the publication of the novels and Jane Austen’s professional decisions and activities as a working author (a subject that never ceases to fascinate us). We have been fortunate to receive great reviews, and at JASNA events many people have told us how much they enjoyed the book. Thanks to all of you! It’s been a fun year representing this book.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below with a valid email address in the email field, so that we can get your address if you win. The email won’t be shared. Comments will close at 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern time, Sunday, December 20, 2015. We will choose a random commenter to win. Only one comment in the thread will count as an entry.

Sorry, this is for readers in the U.S. only. (We know that is disappointing to our international readers. The reason we are limiting it is that we have run into issues with sending books internationally,where recipients were forced to pay as much as the book is worth for custom fees and tariffs. Not much of a giveaway then.)