Jane Austen Travel Guide on Kickstarter


Dutch Janeite, journalist, and photographer Karin Quint has put up a Kickstarter to have her travel guide, Jane Austen’s England, translated to English. If you pledge at least €20, you will receive a copy of the book (with an additional charge for shipping).

We know many Janeites are planning a pilgrimage to the UK to commemorate the bicentennial of Jane Austen’s death in 2017, so this book will come in handy.

They are very, very close to reaching their funding goal, and there’s a couple of days left to get in on it. We’ve backed this project–won’t you?

(And being from Philadelphia, we are on board with the Rocky references!)

UPDATE: The goal has been reached! But you can still get in on it, and get a book when it’s done.

Join a Kickstarter campaign for a Jane Austen art print


This looks like something Janeites might like: a Kickstarter campaign to make an art print inspired by the infamous silhouette that may or may not be of Jane Austen. In any event, it’s really quite lovely. The proprietors have reached their Kickstarter goal, so it looks like it’s going forward; and it’s not too late to get involved. Various contributions will get you swag, from £10 for a small print to £30 for a large print, with associated booklets featuring the Thomson illustrations of Pride and Prejudice.