REVIEW: Little Miss Austen: Pride and Prejudice by Jennifer Adams, Illustrations by Alison Oliver


Little Miss Austen Review by Alexa Adams

Until three months ago, a single obsession ruled my world. It Austen all day, all of the time. Then suddenly, in a single moment, dear Jane was demoted to my number two concern. My beautiful baby girl now dominates my life, and my Austen interests have necessarily suffered as a result. How apropos that Jennifer Adams’ new book, Little Miss Austen: Pride and Prejudice: A Counting Primer, should be released at just this time. I admit to feeling a bit skeptical when I first heard of the concept. I doubted that the spirit of Austen’s most famous novel could be captured in a manner accessible to children. How wrong I was! I cannot think of a more excessively diverting manner in which to introduce my daughter to Austen than through this sweet book. Continue reading