Monday Ebooks: Glowlights and Lawsuits Edition


Welcome to Monday Ebooks, in which the Editrix takes a most harmless delight.

First, the good news–a new gadget! Which, for us, is always fun.

Barnes & Noble has announced a new version of its NOOK Simple Touch ereading device, with availability in early May. The device is by all accounts slightly lighter–.5 ounces/15 grams–and some reports say the touch technology has undergone some slight improvements; but the big difference is the inclusion of an integrated reading light that illuminates the eInk screen. It is not backlit, like the NOOK Color and Tablet; it is simply an integrated reading light that illuminates the screen from around the side. It was designed for reading in bed, while your partner sleeps, undisturbed by the glow from your gadget. Continue reading