REVIEW: Possibilities by Debra White Smith


Possibilities by Debra White SmithReview by Allison T.

“A yardman!” says the Lady Russell character in Debra White Smith’s Possibilities to her hapless niece. “You’re wanting to marry a yardman!” Her thin eyebrows arched. Her blue eyes couldn’t have been wider—or more disdainful. Thus begins (more or less) Debra White Smith’s Possibilities, the sixth in her Austen Series of modern Christian romances.

Poor Allie Elton. [Elton? ELTON?!?!?–Ed.] Despite her master’s degree in horticulture, she doesn’t stand a chance against such a formidable force as she (unlike her predecessor Anne Elliot) attempts to marry not just across the barriers of wealth but of class.

Frederick Wently is a competent yard-man with muscles that even Auntie says “would knock the socks off a saint,” who has “some college” and aspires to join the Air Force, but in Auntie’s words: “He’s got dirt undah his finger-nails.” And Allie is the daughter of the Richard Elton, “the Peach King of the South!” Clearly an impossible alliance! Continue reading