“Oh! the best nature in the world–a wedding”


No doubt no one who reads this blog will be surprised to hear there is a Big To-Do going on in Old Blighty today: the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton. We are entering into the festivities with great enthusiasm. Which tiara will the bride wear? (We’re kind of hoping for this one, and that she doesn’t completely throw convention to the wind and wear FLOWERS for crying out loud–it’s a royal wedding, flaunt yer diamonds, gel!)

While it doesn’t have a blessed thing to do with Jane Austen, we thought it would be fun to play a royal wedding game we saw on Facebook: what is your royal wedding guest name?

Royal Wedding Invitation

To determine your name, use Lord or Lady (as we are all sons and daughters of peers, naturally), the first name of one of your grandparents as your first name, and then the name of your first pet and the street on which you grew up as a double-barreled last name, hyphenated or not: your choice.

Apparently Mr. Bean is a guest, which makes it simultaneously the geekiest and the coolest wedding of the year.

To make this post vaguely on topic, check out this exhibition featuring Princess Charlotte’s wedding dress from 1817. It’s

The wedding gown worn by the much-loved, but tragic Princess Charlotte (she died after giving birth to a stillborn son, at the age of 21), is the oldest in the collection, and needed the most conservation, requiring microscopic surface examination and 500 hours of detailed hand-stitching in ultra-fine, mono-filament silk threads, almost invisible to the naked eye.

In 1816, it was the height of fashion: empire-line, ankle-length and very much of the Jane Austen period, recalling what we think of today when we read ‘Emma’, which, at the time, had been published a few months previously, and, more recently, epitomised by Gwyneth Paltrow in the Hollywood film of the same name.

Sorry, we can’t help it; they’re just adorable.