Ten Thousand A Year: The Untold Story


Seen on the public roadway:

Darcy Trucking

Could it be that the fabulous Darcy fortune comes from…*gasp*…trade???

Darcy Trucking Detail

Austen Funnies


Alert Janeite Emily sent us a cartoon that made us giggle.

Alert Janeite Maria sent us a clipping from NewsBiscuit about an alarming rise in coquettish behavior among British young ladies–which the press are blaming on Jane Austen! Just imagine.

Don’t give them any bright ideas


We heard from Alert Janeite Lizik, who wrote,

So I turned to the Fox TV show “Brothers” randomly, and they were talking about going to the movies. Apparently one of the male characters (the dad?) claimed to be a lover of chick flicks, ever since he saw Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson “running through” the English country-side in Sense and Sensibility. He also mentioned he couldn’t wait a the sequel: Sense and Sensibility II: Darcy’s Revenge!

Seriously: don’t give them any ideas. *looks around anxiously*