Wednesday Linkapalooza: Do A Little Dance, Make A Little Love Edition


Get Down TonightWe liked this image, which we saw on Kate Beaton’s Twitter feed. These folks are clearly getting down tonight. Click on the pic to see a larger version. It’s worth it, trust. Get down, get down, get down, get down tonight!

Also, Baja Janeite sent us photos from the set of From Prada to Nada and we forgot to post them with the other stuff last week, so here you go.

Alert Janeite Ben sent a link to an online quiz that should not tax the average Janeite overmuch. We’re not quite sure of the point, but it’s a moment of silliness, which we often find cathartic. Never let it be said we are tar-hearted uptight spinster purists at AustenBlog!

Alert Janeite Maria K. sent a link to the Pride and Prejudice game published by Ashgrove Press. The game has been around for about ten years or so, but we’ve had a few e-mails about it in the past few months, so we are going to take a great leap of logic (because we’re just so darned good at it) and guess that there might be Janeites who are not old and jaded like the Editrix are not aware of the delights that await them out there in the Austensphere! (Everyone knows about the Jane Austen Action Figure, right? Right.)

And it’s time once again to vote for the Jane Austen Awards. Full disclosure: AustenBlog is up for Favorite Blog! Vote early and often, as they say back in the Editrix’s ‘hood (and while we should never be so vulgar as to beg for votes, as always, we thank you for your support).

This is an AustenBlog DIY post, so feel free to add Austen-related links of interest that you’ve come across recently in comments or just let us know what’s up in your patch of Janeiteville.