Tuesday Open Thread: Janebook Edition


We’ve heard of giving a Jane Austen novel a modern setting, but this is one of the cleverest (and funniest) versions we’ve seen yet!

Elizabeth Bennet has been insulted in every possible method.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh is most seriously displeased.
William Collins tagged Mr. Bennet in his note Lady Catherine is Most Seriously Displeased.
Elizabeth Bennet is excessively diverted.


Everyone in the Janeite diaspora is linking to this and sending it to us–everyone, that is, except the authoress, our old friend DeeDee! Well done!

Thanks to all the Alert Janeites who sent this in–Harriet, Ellen, Brenda, Lisa, Joanne, Yasmien, and Diane!

This is the usual Tuesday Open Thread–what’s going on in your patch of Janeiteville?