Sorry about the downtime


Now that I have some time I can update this post. đŸ™‚

There was an issue with the blog script and it was putting too much stress on the server, which is shared with other websites, so the host shut it down until the problem could be sorted out. Unfortunately, I got word of the problem shortly before I had to leave my apartment to go to the airport to fly to Louisville for the Jane Austen Festival, so I couldn’t work on it.

Once I arrived in Louisville, fortunately the lovely B&B which is hosting me has wifi*, so I was able to identify and fix the problem.

I know many of you were surprised and concerned at the FORBIDDEN message, but it’s just geek-speak, nothing to be concerned about in particular.

The folks in Louisville are treating me like a queen and I’m having a great time! Can’t wait for the Festival tomorrow.

*My room also has not one, but TWO mysterious black chests.