Monday Multimedia: Anniversaries Edition


Welcome to Monday Multimedia! What’s that, you ask? This wasn’t in the roadmap that the Editrix announced last week, we hear you muttering to yourselves. However, since we know that Monday Ebooks is a personal indulgence, we wanted to add something else for a regular Monday feature; and also it occurred to us that there are so many interesting audio and video things going on these days that we could probably have a weekly post without too much difficulty. So: Monday Multimedia! This will be the first post of our new DIY approach (that means Do It Yourself for those who do not know), so do please add your own links to videos and audio of note in comments!

We have one audio to share ourself: the BBC Woman’s Hour has an interview with Rebecca Vaughan, the star of “Austen’s Women,” at Leicester Square Theatre through May 9 (with a funny bit from the play), and Charlotte Barnaville, marketing director of Winchester Cathedral, which has a Jane Austen exhibit through September, and Elizabeth Proudman, Vice Chair of the Jane Austen Society. The Austen stuff doesn’t come in until about halfway through, however.

One thought on “Monday Multimedia: Anniversaries Edition

  1. Kathleen Glancy

    I spit on the Leicester Square Theatre (figuratively speaking) since I saw Austen’s Women last year when it appeared on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It’s not really a play, more a series of readings, but it is funny and Ms Vaughan is a talented actor.


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