The figurehead of the S.S. Lizzy Bennet



Well, it COULD be. Click for a larger version and tell us what you think!

(The Editrix was in Mystic, CT this past weekend for the 2010 Hornblower fan convention, and among other things got to row a whaleboat!)

13 thoughts on “The figurehead of the S.S. Lizzy Bennet

  1. Hornblower fan convention? As in Horatio Hornblower?! If so, how exciting! I didn’t realizes there was a fan convention geared toward the books, but I’m not surprised!


    • Yes–it’s more a gathering of fans of the movies, though many of us have read the books and nearly all of us are enthusiasts for naval history of all kinds.


  2. Fabiana

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  3. Sandra

    Just a short thread-nap and your regularly scheduled snarking will return:

    Kathryn and Ms. Kathleen–yes, please do join us for the Hornblower shenanigans next year. We had a truly fabulous time, thanks to the good offices of the Seaport staff. We’re going to Kentucky in 2011. Hey, they have a river! ; )


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