Nachtstürm Castle by Emily C.A. Snyder Now Available in Hard Copy


Nachtsturm Castle by Emily C.A. SnyderWe are delighted to report that Nachtstürm Castle, a sequel to Northanger Abbey, is now available in hard copy from Librifiles. (Read Heather L.’s review and the Editrix’s review.)

Henry and Catherine Tilney take a honeymoon trip to the Continent, where they have adventures of an horrid and occasionally amusing nature. Who is the mysterious Donna Fortuna, whose portrait looks so much like Catherine? What is the mystery surrounding Young Will, whom everyone says is the former master’s natural child, but who claims to be the legitimate heir? And what is up with the oh-so-creepy Edric, steward of Nachtstürm? Catherine gets to be what she always wanted to be–a heroine–and Henry fulfills the part of the hero with savoir-faire, and does all his own stunts. Nachtstürm Castle is as much fun as a sequel of Northanger Abbey deserves to be, and it is intelligently written, thrillingly horrid, and laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Check out the link for a code to order the book at a discount from Librifiles. It is also still available as an ebook (in every format and DRM-free) from Girlebooks and pretty much anywhere you can buy ebooks.