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Welcome to The Janeite Times, in which we aggregate links and information of interest to the Austen fan.

A Georgian building has been saved from the wrecking ball in Tonbridge. The building is thought to have been once owned by Jane Austen’s uncle Henry. Thanks to Alert Janeite Lisa for the link.

Outfits from the People’s Choice Awards are bewilderingly compared to P&P.

The clothes were not fashionable. Many of the women looked like they had just come from shooting E!’s version of Pride and Prejudice, with the look of the night neither glam nor modern nor young, but rather that of a slovenly milkmaid.

Slovenly milkmaid? Thanks to Alert Janeite Lisa for the link.

In other fashion news, the Fug Girls hilariously (as they do everything) invoked some S&S.

I feel like this is what Marianne Dashwood would’ve looked like if she and Willoughby had ended up getting hitched. She’d be skipping through the town square, all, “Yeah, bitches, check out this fine piece. He is mighty of loin and full of breeches and you get to STEP OFF because I totally put a ring on it.” Yeah, Jane Austen would’ve enjoyed the hell out of some Beyonce, let me tell you.

Hee. Yep, Jane would have been all about All the Single Ladies. Celebrate #sns200, y’all!

Colleen McCullough is trying to get attention again by dissing Jane Austen. We do not think she deserves the compliment of rational opposition. Of course, her last attempt was derailed by the zombie train. Thanks to Alert Janeite Nichola for the link.

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