Trailer for a new, modern-set Pride and Prejudice film


You know, we’ve received e-mail about this from various people over the past couple of years. We have mostly ignored it, which is not like our usual tar-hearted uptight purist self. We have been accused of being mean and harshing the mellow of fans looking to enjoy something that we mocked. So, here you go, Gentle Readers: we present, without commentary, the trailer for A Modern Pride and Prejudice.

Thanks to Alert Janeite Tasha for the link.

29 thoughts on “Trailer for a new, modern-set Pride and Prejudice film

  1. Man, that’s bad. Hopefully they enjoyed themselves when they were making it, because I think those memories will be the only thing good coming from this.


    • LeSpinster

      Well from what I understand, any awful adaptation that brings people to Austen’s work is automatically absolved of its awfulness. So I guess they’ve got a shot at that at least?


  2. thejourneytoprint

    This is one of the funniest trailers for an Austen adaptation I’ve ever seen. At times, it felt like a soap opera, and then it felt like a really bad made for TV movie from the 80s.


  3. rae

    Cannot see the trailer here at work so I went to IMDB to see if I could see it there. Talk about low budget. The entire cast has no real experience – most have appeared in a short or two, and that’s it. I hope this goes straight to DVD so the critics can’t cast aspersions on our dear Jane and make her responsible. All I can think of is the director is probably a huge JA fan and this is her lifelong dream – to make a movie of P&P. I applaud her if that’s the case, but it seems to be amateur time for this one. The headshot of the young lady playing Lizzy looks very Lizzy-like, but can she act? What is the script like? The guy playing Darcy is 6’1″ and 160 lbs according to his resume. He’s a beanpole! Wickham’s headshot smile reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld.

    I will somehow watch this film because I will watch anything JA once. Hope it’s maybe a cult classic?


  4. Diana I-C

    I… I couldn’t even finish it. Good Lord! Did no one stop and actually wonder if anything they were doing was any good?


  5. A.P.

    Erm… isn’t this a joke? The green screen says, “This preview has not been approved for ANY audiences.”

    At least, I’m hoping it’s a very elaborate joke. If not, the trailer is a bit sad looking, isn’t it?


    • My thoughts exactly. It looks like a joke – surely acting that bad can’t really be in earnest, can it?

      Please tell me it can’t. Because if it can, there’s a whole set of people I am very sorry for right now.


  6. Mandy N

    Hang on, you all mean this trailer is meant to advertise an adaptation for real??
    Very amaterish actors, locations and credits. I thought it was a modern
    send up of P&P3. P&P is my fave book but I’ll give this a miss !! The trailer is seriously bad.


  7. It’s a real movie, but not from a studio or anything. It’s not like a movie that you see in a theater. It’s like a movie you shot in your backyard.* I dare say “straight to DVD” is the only option here.

    I’ve been getting e-mails about this from various people off and on who seemed to think it is a professional studio production. I actually expected it to be slightly better than it seems to be from the trailer, but my expectations were still terribly low. There is some backstory that I haven’t shared that is pretty loltastic. I have to decide if I want to invite the slings and arrows that would no doubt accompany Old Negative Mags sharing actual facts that people don’t want to hear, especially since the confirming links have disappeared from the Internets.

    *And you know, that’s not to say that someone couldn’t shoot a pretty good movie in his or her backyard. But still.


  8. bookwormsrule

    It seemed really… Amateur. And I don’t get the last 20 seconds. It just doesn’t seem to fit with all the regency dialogue. Hmmm…


  9. Katherine Rose

    I quite literally laughed out loud at 1:50 when “Lady Catherine” started speaking. It pains me to say it of nearly anything Jane-related, but honestly, how utterly pathetic.


  10. Well I guess I can be thankful I won’t spend any more time viewing any of this. The trailer succeeded at that. 😉 Mags, do tell, we want to know the story behind the story.


  11. Allison T.

    It made me really really want to watch “The Jane Austen Fight CLub” again–now THERE’S a good movie made in someone’s back yard!


  12. Maria L.

    Wow. I’m just catching up and watched this at breakfast. I snorted coffee out of my nose. When something Austen-related makes you do that, it’s not a good thing.

    I guess they get points for earnestness?


  13. Paula

    What in the name of Austen was that?! That was awful on a level I didn’t even know could exist. Even though it looked like a home made movie, it would have been forgivable with some good acting. But that, that was the worst acting I’ve ever seen in my life. Everyone and I do mean everyone was horrible. The girl playing Elizabeth was just plain awful, she looks way too old for the part. She looks a lot like the actress Kate Micucci (who actually IS a good actress). Unfortunately that bug eyed look only works in comedy. I couldn’t take her seriously at all. Although I did laugh out loud several times through this, but not for the right reasons. Truly awful.


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