Sarah Snook to Star in New Adaptation of Persuasion


We ask our Gentle Readers to please temper their excitement as this appears to be very much in development. However, the Hollywood Reporter, er, reports that a new adaptation of Persuasion is in development at Searchlight Pictures.

We say it is “in development” because it appears the script, reportedly by Jessica Swale, is not yet completed. However, we have our Anne Elliot: Australian actress Sarah Snook, best known for playing Shiv Roy in Succession (which we haven’t seen, but hear good things).


The film will be directed by Mahalia Belo and produced by Alison Owen and Debra Hayward for Monumental Pictures (also known for, gulp, Harlots and, um, Cats. *cringe*).

This project seems to be relatively far along but we won’t get excited until we see the first grainy paparazzi shots from the set or costumed publicity stills. Until then, let’s not talk about it like it’s a done thing. We can look forward with interest to a big-screen adaptation of many Janeites’ favorite Austen novel, certainly, but keep it under control! Dorothy is serving tea in the conservatory for those who need it.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Snook to Star in New Adaptation of Persuasion

  1. Lisa Brown

    I am skeptical of such announcements. Remember ITV’s dark version of Pride and Prejudice announcement in 2017? We’ve seen nothing since. Nada. Rein. Zilch. Call me in a year’s time to see if it still exists.

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  2. A. Marie

    Call me a killjoy, but I’d be just as happy living with my memories of the 1995 film. I can’t afford to bust any more springs in my ancient sofa jumping up and down on it and yelling, “No! No! It’s not right!”

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