Netflix Adaptation of Persuasion to Air July 15


We have a date for the Netflix adaptation of Persuasion. (The tweet says “this summer” but the first response gives the exact date.) No trailer yet though. #WheresTheTrailerNetflix

Our friends across the pond won’t have to wait, either.

Our apprehensions about this film remain, but of course we’ll watch it and hope we are wrong. Persuasion is such a lovely novel and demands the loveliest of films.

ETA: Had to add this fantastic tweet from Devoney Looser:

4 thoughts on “Netflix Adaptation of Persuasion to Air July 15

  1. AmyP

    I really want to love this, but… I’ll try to keep an open mind lol. At least her hair isn’t down around her shoulders? Can’t say anything else really good about that photo of her – she looks very modern.

    (Also, I haven’t harassed you about this in several years so I’m overdue: I wish you would publish The Firstborn. It’s so good! I would love to have a copy on my bookshelf or on my e-reader.

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  2. Ilseta

    I have conflicting feelings. I don’t know if Jane Austen would be delighted with the royalties or if she would revolt at her grave.

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