Emma09/10 Part Two


Masterpiece Classic presents the second part of the BBC’s newest adaptation of Emma. Discuss below. Don’t be afraid to express an opinion different from the majority (and don’t be hostile to those with other opinions).

There’s also a live Emma-watching party on Twitter during the broadcast. Use the hashtag #emma_pbs

Emma 09 Madness!


It hasn’t even been broadcast and interest is tremendous. Here is the latest news.

The BBC has kindly posted the behind-the-scenes video on YouTube, so those outside the UK can see it.

Also, Tim Bullamore, the publisher of Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine, was the only press invited to attend the cast and crew screening of the series, and kindly wrote up a short review/report for us. Continue reading

A Glimpse of Highbury


Alert Janeites Patty and Maria L. sent in a link to a short video about the filming of Emma 2009 in Chilham, Kent. The look is great and the ladies are properly dressed! Huzzah!