Israeli Pride and Prejudice to be broadcast this summer


We blogged last year about this, and it seems that the Israeli P&P is ready to go. The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle has an interview with the writer/director Irit Linur, which has some more detail about the adaptation.

And in what other ways does your version depart from the book?

Well, Darcy remained 28, but Elizabeth became 36 and a divorcee. Darcy remains rich, but Elizabeth is quite independent. Both work in the high-tech industry. I felt uneasy about maintaining the line of a rich man who saves his lady from a life of poverty. I thought it was inappropriate, and diminishes her charm. I thought maybe a reasonable gap would be a younger man and older, divorced woman with a teenager. Plus, I’ve ignored two sisters. I really couldn’t manage five sisters. They wouldn’t have volume. They never do, they are glorified extras in all versions. In the book it works just fine. You have to give your characters volume.

In your version, England has been replaced by the Galilee. Is it unusual for an Israeli television series to take place outside of the city?

We have our limits—it’s a practical thing. If you want to film outside Tel Aviv, then the time it takes to get there comes out of the time you have for filming. If you have to travel one hour to get there, you have one hour less to film. So it’s not that everyone is so self-centered, and everyone wants to make films and TV series about their natural habitats—it’s more costly.

Have you decided on a title?

I really don’t like the name Pride and Prejudice and the series eventually is not about pride and prejudice. Those are two abstract nouns. But I haven’t decided on a name yet.

Is it just us, or does it sound like a fanfic? Thanks to Alert Janeite Julie T. for the link!

ETA: Alert Janeite Rebecca W. found a pic of the leads on the site where the article was originally published.