December wallpaper: gems from the mountain, and pearls from the ocean


December, the final wallpaper in the series, is now available for download from Solitary Elegance. We conclude our tour through 1809 with the Tyrolese walking dress (on the right). Her companion, an evening dress from 1812, is seated on the left. The background is designed from pieces of an elaborate 1811 set of pearl jewelry for full dress. An 1816 embroidery pattern decorates the holiday message from Pride and Prejudice.

The wallpapers aren’t specifically dated to 2009, so I hope you will continue to use and enjoy them.  Many thanks for all the kind comments and support throughout the year!

Bonus points if anybody recognizes the Christmas carol in the post title.

6 thoughts on “December wallpaper: gems from the mountain, and pearls from the ocean

  1. Mandy N

    If ‘Star in the East’, maybe it refers to gifts of the 3 Wise men ?
    You know, of pearls and gold as in the Jewellery plate…Lovely Wallpaper
    don’t you think ? Like a Christmas card with Regency style. 🙂


  2. Mandy N

    The two ladies remind me of Louisa Hurst, and Miss Bingley after escape from Netherfield hurrying off to Darcy and Christmas parties in London !


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