Pride and Prejudice Musical in Chicago February/March 2010


We heard from Lindsay Baker and Amanda Jacobs, the playwrights and composers of the Pride and Prejudice musical that we all hoped would make it to Broadway; alas, the Broadway production contract ends at the end of this month, but the show has been licensed for three performances by Chamber Opera Chicago in February and March 2010. These are full productions, directed by Steven Daigle, director of the Eastman Opera Theatre, who has been involved with the musical since the first workshops many years ago and directed the Ohio Light Opera production of the musical in 2006.

Despite the photos on the website, there will be a different cast from the one that was put together for a possible Broadway show; however, Amanda tells us that the Mr. Darcy that has been cast is already a popular performer for Chamber Opera Chicago.

Amanda and Lindsay have revised the play as a result of workshopping it last year, so it will be a different production from that we saw in Rochester last year. One change has been to add Cassandra Austen as a character along with Jane Austen. Also the play has been shortened and now runs about two and a half hours.

Mark your calendars–this might be some fun! (and we’re checking flights to Chi-town already…)

6 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice Musical in Chicago February/March 2010

  1. Allison T.

    Too bad that the Rochester cast can’t be used–it was good. But I guess these are the travails that a show goes through.

    Best wishes to Lindsay and Amanda and their team!


  2. rae

    Hooray! Just bought two tickets for me and my P&P convert friend!!! I cannot wait to see this. For once Chicago won out over Broadway!! It’s about time something went the right way for me. “happy dancing” !!!


  3. Chelsea

    I want this musical to make it to broadway so BADLY! Too bad about the different cast, though…I just saw Colin Donnell tonight as Fiyero in WICKED and he was AMAZING (and hot!)—my total picture of Darcy.


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