Monday Multimedia: Even Lizzy Bennet Can’t Say No To A Cute Puppy Edition


The first two episodes of “Sex and the Austen Girl” are now available. The web-exclusive series, examining the differences and similarities of young women making their way in modern and Regency society, is based on the two Jane Austen Addict novels written by Laurie Viera Rigler.

And we promised cute puppies, right? Right. Mr. Darcy is not amused.

This is an AustenBlog DIY post, so please post any Austen-related multimedia you’ve found in comments.

7 thoughts on “Monday Multimedia: Even Lizzy Bennet Can’t Say No To A Cute Puppy Edition

  1. S

    The first issue of Marvel Comics Sense and Sensibility came out today. The drawings are cute – much better than the P&P that was out last year.


    • Kathleen Glancy

      If I were Emma Thompson I would sue them for large sums of money, for including a scene of Edward fencing with Margaret (with wooden swords) which certainly never appeared in the book but did in my (I’m still Emma) Oscar-winning screeplay.


      • S

        I guess they would have to get in line behind the makers of P&P 2005. It was obvious where Marvel came up with some of their ideas for the P&P comic. I read something somewhere about why they decided to draw so heavily on film adaptations for the comics, but I don’t remember what their justification was. Seems lazy to me.


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